fog maskBy now, you must have heard one way or another to avoid having you glasses fogged or steamed up from wearing your mask. Without buying expensive commercial anti-fog spray or wipes, there are a few methods that are effective in my opinion. They may be used in conjunction!

  1. Tighten your mask and fit the metal piece on the mask to your nose. This sounds obvious, but doing it properly makes a big difference.
  2. Washing your lenses in a soapy water before wearing your glasses. Mild dish soap in warm water work the best. After washing, do not rinse off the soapy water. Instead shake off the excess soapy water and let it air dry or dab with a tissue paper.
  3. Fold a piece of (facial) tissue into a long rectangular shape that can be inserted between your face and the mask along the top. The moisture from your breath would condense onto the tissue paper instead of your lenses.

Beside wearing a mask, physical distancing and handwashing remain crucial to protect yourself and people around you. Here is a video for proper handwashing (

Stay well and stay safe!
Dr. Clement Chan

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