Digital Fitting System

Optikam – Digital Fitting System

 digital fitting system

Accurate and Precise Measurements

Excellent vision and comfort with your new eyewear goes beyond a simple prescription and a frame . Our digital fitting system, Optikam, takes precise measurements to customize your prescription, giving you better, crisper and clearer vision.


Our digital fitting system measures to a tenth of a millimeter which is 5 times more accurate than the traditional way of taking frame and eye measurements. Instead of simply performing measurements for your frames, Optikam takes into account of the following:

  • Frame Shape: An accurate frame measurement ensures we tailor make your lenses to the frame and insert your prescription lenses in your frame correctly.
  • Lens Types: Specialty lenses like bifocal, trifocal and progressive, require additional measurements to ensure the distance, intermediate and reading zones are placed accurately, allowing you to see the best at different distances.
  • Pupil location: By centering the prescription lenses on your pupils where light enters your eyes, not only would you see clearer, but also you are also more comfortable in your new glasses.
  • Facial Features: Your facial  features affect how you frame fits on your face. For example: the distance of the lens to your eyeballs and the tilting of the lens can alter the effective power of your lenses. Our digital fitting system allows us to personalize your prescription lenses to the way the frame fits you. This is in contrast with the old-fashioned measurement, which captures your pupillary distance anatomically and does not take into account frame fit and nose-pad adjustments.


Choosing your Ideal Frames and Lenses

 digital fitting system frame selection

Frame Selection

Choosing your new eyewear can be hard. Don’t you wish you could compare your new looks side to side? Or you can’t see your reflection in the mirror clearly?

Problem solved. Our digital measurement system uses a camera application to capture pictures of you in the frames you selected. We then compare the pictures side-by-side while wearing your current glasses. Now you can choose your style confidently.

As for those wishing to get an instant second opinion from their loved ones, Optikam’s emailing capabilities definitely have you covered.


Lens and Coating Selection

From premium anti-reflective and blue blocker to high definition and freeform progressive lenses, there are a lot to consider when choosing custom lenses. Our digital fitting system lens demonstration and augmented reality features allow you to experience the benefits of different lenses virtually so you can decide which lens option is most suitable to you.

Lens Demos

Optikam’s lens demos feature is able to demonstrate the following effectively:

  • Thickness of lenses with different lens options
  • The benefits of an anti-reflective coatings
  • The differences between bifocals, traditional progressives, premium progressives, and personalized progressives.
  • Illustrates and compares photochromic (Photofusion from Zeiss/Sensity from Hoya/Transitions), polarized, sun, and fashion tinted lenses.

digital fitting system bifocal progressivedigital fitting system antireflective coating driving

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality module simulates real-life situations such as office and outdoor scenes, which showcase the lens style and treatment options you have chosen compared to a lens without them. Our digital measurement system also has a live video mode, which instead of using photo comparisons, it utilizes the camera to demonstrate the options you chose with a live view inside and outside our office.

Together with the lens demo and augmented reality of Optikam, we help you choose the right frames and customize the right prescription lenses for you—ensuring you go home with your perfect pair.